• Mergers and acquisitions

    Among other corporate finance services NCFA provides full range of M&A advisory services both as sell-side and buy-side financial advisor. The quality of our M&A advisory services is based on experience, competence and attention to details. For example, neglecting the importance of detailed post-acquisition integration plan or overlooking risk factors with substantial potential influence in M&A process can result in value destructive consequences despite successfully closing the deal.

    Buyside M&A advisory services include:

    • Identification of Estonian M&A targets suitable for acquisition purposes
    • Initial analysis and valuation (stand-alone and with expected synergies)
    • Contacts with current owners
    • Gathering and evaluation of information
    • Composing letter of intent and negotiating transaction terms and structure
    • Arranging due diligence
    • Drafting final purchase agreements
    • Closing


    Contacts: Margo PeetsaluJako Kruuse, Toomas Tamra

    Sellside M&A advisory services include:

    • Defining objectives, review and business valuation
    • Building key investment points and selling strategy
    • Identifying and evaluating Estonian and foreign buyers likely to pay full value of the company
    • Preparing professional marketing materials
    • Engaging potential buyers, negotiating confidentiality agreements
    • Further communication– responding to information requests, meetings etc
    • Evaluating indications of interest and term sheet negotiations
    • Arranging due diligence
    • Final agreement negotiations
    • Closing