Sass Karemäe and Nacho joined NCFA

In May 2021, two new members joined the NCFA team – Sass Karemäe started as an Associate, and Nacho joined as the new Chief Puppiness Officer.​

Sass has versatile experience with M&A projects, as a financial consultant both on the buy-side and sell-side, as an internal project manager in acquisitions, as well as from Private Equity.​
Before joining NCFA, Sass worked at lighting solutions provider Glamox and accounting firm PwC.
Sass has a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Nebraska Wesleyan University in the US, and is currently in the MBA program in Estonian Business School.​

Nacho has participated in several successful acquisition projects in both treats as well as belly rubs sector. He has over two years experience in that area.
Before joining NCFA, Nacho was responsible for the happiness in start-ups, technology companies as well as real estate.​
Nacho has graduated the puppy academy.