NCFA joined M&A network Socius Global for even better international reach

When a company wants to break into overseas markets, the key question is how to find and reach the right customers? A similar parallel can be drawn with M&A. If owners of a company consider divesting or capital raise, for most cases, there are not just enough local investors to create a sufficient buyer universe and you’ll need an international reach for a good exit. The question is, how do you learn about and get connected to the right people? In either case, the key to success relates to local knowledge and network. You’ll need a local who speaks the local language, knows the market and has wide range of C-suite relationships to entrepreneurs, private equity groups and corporations. Socius Global provides just that.

Nordic CF Advisory has been a member of Socius Global since 2018. It is a partnership of middle-market investment banking professionals focused on providing financial and strategic advisory solutions to a global clientele. Socius’ clients are entrepreneurs, private equity groups, and corporations seeking access to the global marketplace, which is characterized by differing business cultures, customs, regulations, and political systems. As a member, NCFA and its clients get direct links to companies and investors in the US, Latin America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

The global market intelligence of Socius’ network provides professionals with thoughtful expertise in structuring, negotiating and closing a broad range of transactions across a variety of industries. The keywords of our network are flexibility, speed, personal approach and lack of bureaucracy. We work closely and assist each other in contacting and negotiating with business owners and executives in their area, as well as in mapping potential buyers and sellers, gathering background information and generating ideas.

More information on the Socius Global network and its partners can be found at

Nordic CF Advisory is an independent Estonian financial advisory boutique providing corporate finance services with individual approach and solutions. NCFA focuses on M&A advisory, business valuations and capital raising projects.

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