Swedish M&A boutique Hjalmarsson & Partners joins Socius Global

We’re happy to announce that a Swedish M&A advisory boutique Hjalmarsson & Partners Corporate Finance AB has joined international M&A advisors’ network Socius Global which also NCFA is a member.

Hjalmarsson & Partners is based in Stockholm, Sweden and has been operating for over 20 years. The firm is focused on M&A advisory, capital raisings and strategic advisory services, mainly in Sweden but also in other Scandinavian countries and elsewhere. Hjalmarsson & Partners is sector agnostic but has especially strong experience in life-sciences.

Although NCFA has been previously cooperating with various Scandinavian M&A boutiques on its engagements, the joining of Hjalmarsson & Partners gives us even better access to Swedish private equity groups, family offices and corporates, but also in other Scandinavian countries.

Nordic CF Advisory has been a member of Socius Global since 2018. It is a partnership of middle-market investment banking professionals focused on providing financial and strategic advisory solutions to a global clientele. Socius’ clients are entrepreneurs, private equity groups, and corporations seeking access to the global marketplace, which is characterized by differing business cultures, customs, regulations, and political systems. As a member, NCFA and its clients get direct links to companies and investors in the US, Latin America, Asia, Australia and Europe.

The global market intelligence of Socius’ network provides professionals with thoughtful expertise in structuring, negotiating and closing a broad range of transactions across a variety of industries. The keywords of our network are flexibility, speed, personal approach and lack of bureaucracy. We work closely and assist each other in contacting and negotiating with business owners and executives in their area, as well as in mapping potential buyers and sellers, gathering background information and generating ideas.